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Top Five Rules for Naming Your Dog

“The Top 5 Rules for Naming Your Dog” So you’ve welcomed a new family member to the pack: Congrats! But now you’re faced with the overwhelming prospect of giving them their name. Ah, the Name Game: A high-anxiety tightrope for most new pet parents, but we all must face this ancient tradition. Even though there are no hard and fast rules, here are five things to keep in mind when naming your new dog.

You can tell they really love dogs!
Jim H (Bronte's Dad)
Fantastic Experience! As good as they get.
Bill L (Disney & Saurus's Dad)
Frances A (Rumi & Leroy's Mom)
Frances A (Rumi & Leroy's Mom)
Doug's Dogs came to the rescue!
Liz H (Butter's Mom)
I'm sooo happy that we found someone we trust for our future trips as well.
Meredith and Joey R (Chloe's Parents)
Doug was a life saver!
Chris O (Ralphie's Dad)
The dogs LOVED him.
Sue R (Maddie & Petey's Mom)
LOOK NO FURTHER, you've found the perfect dog sitter! Five big stars!
Amber T (Morty & Lucy's Mom)
I love getting pics and videos when I am at work - they always bring a smile to my face.
Jill R (Russ' Mom)
We trust him completely and you will, too.
Derek (Bernie's Dad)
Milo loves his Doug time!
Shirley H


Doug's Dogs is the Premier Pet Sitting and Dog Walking service in Los Angeles, providing personalized, reliable, and loving care to all pets.

Does your dog need a midday walk while you're at work?
Does your pet need caring attention while you're on vacation or on a business trip?
Doug's Dogs can provide you peace of mind by keeping you fully updated while you're away.

The Doug's Dogs Team is comprised of experienced pet professionals who are passionate about pet care. Animals are feeling beings, and Doug's Dogs is passionate about providing positive care. Most of us grew up with animals in our homes. We have years of personal and professional experience with pets of every age and breed, in a variety of different environments, and with widely varying temperaments. We treat every home we enter with professionalism and every pet we meet with love. We believe these are the foundations of a truly remarkable pet sitter or dog walker. Our team is the best there is, and the purrs and wagging tails are the proof.

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Our Services

We utilize top-of-the-line pet sitting software which provides our Clients with an online portal where you can create a personalized profile for you and your pet. Within the portal you can request services, pay your invoices, manage your pet’s profile, provide updates to your veterinary provider, and so much more. Also, for your added convenience, download our free associated Mobile App and accomplish the same tasks on-the-go!

We know how important your pet is, and the more you know the better! When your Walker/Sitter arrives at your home, they'll check in on the Mobile App, and the App will track their route via GPS while they're walking your dog. All of this information is included in the Service Update email you’ll receive after your Walker/Sitter completes their visit, including some adorable photos and a written update detailing how everything went. Your dog is our #1 priority! We pride ourselves on offering individualized services for you and your pet and we never “pack walk.”

Also, unlike other larger pet care service companies, you will always be able to get ahold of our Admin Team during business hours, and outside of these hours we are available to help manage any emergencies should they arise.

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Our Staff

Finding truly amazing Pet Care Professionals is no easy task and hiring them is the most important thing we do besides taking great care of our pets. In fact, only a very small percentage of our applicants even make it to the first in-person interview. We only work with candidates who are shining stars when it comes to understanding animals. Applicants are chosen based on professional and personal experience and we always place direct referrals from Staff and Clients to the front of the line.

Every pet sitter and dog walker on the Doug's Dogs Team is covered by our liability insurance and bonding policies, and we work with the most highly regarded insurance companies in our industry: Pet Sitters Associates and RPS Eau Claire. In addition, every member of our staff must be willing to submit to a background check prior to joining the team.

Your pup is your family, and we know how important it is to have someone that you know and trust in your home, caring for your pup. Our Clients become like family, and we do our best to encourage longevity and limited turnover among our team.

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Our Founder/Owner

Doug Kreeger has 20 years of experience in the pet care industry, and has worked with some of the top animal behaviorists, trainers, and veterinarians in the business. After many years working with other pet care companies, Doug founded Doug’s Dogs in 2013. He is adept at sourcing the highest quality pet care specialists who have committed themselves to treating all animals with loving professionalism. Also, Doug leads an Admin Team with a focus on communication and accountability. He currently has a rescue dog named Steven Tyler, Jr. (@StevenTylerJr) and is based in Silverlake.

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